B  E  S  T  I  A  R  U  M      V  O  C  A  B  U  L  U  M

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It’s the 22nd century.

    An enhanced astrobioneer - Arduinna - is sent to Kepler 442B in the Lyra constellation, 1206 light years away from Earth on a journey to discover new forms of life that could help establish a new human civilizational model embracing symbiotic living. 


    To be able to survive on the planet, Arduinna has been provided with the essential physical and digital tools so she can design her own survival from scratch including food, basic furniture and clothing. 


    Reaching Kepler 442B, Arduinna establishes a primary base on the planet’s surface. The planet itself, deemed the most promising type of exoplanet - a superhabitable world - is of rocky composition and posses a similar structure to Earth.


    However, the explorer quickly realises that the planet has developed in a much different way as gravity there is stronger, and that its fauna and flora have evolved in ways that are somehow characteristic of extremophiles.