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The future of design is bio-fabricated

We formulate circular, regenerative solutions for manufacturing textiles & products using native UK fungi species

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Biodesign :
a partnership with Nature

Our team of designers, material specialists and scientists develop high-tech bio-fabrication to help re-shoring the textile & fashion industry in the UK, reduce environmental impacts of companies thanks to the world's most versatile organism : fungi. 

Forage. Extract. Replicate.

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From experimental bio-hacking to engineered manufacturing

We strongly believe that technology should be environmentally neutral if not positive. Progress through science can help us resolve the greatest challenges of the 21st century through waste management, bioremediation and a focus on biodegradable and regenerative materials. At our hybrid studio/lab we work in R&D between biology, engineering and design.

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Use UK-grown mycelium


Why Mycelium ?

Mycelium is a widespread organism that grows in many ecosystems, and can be infinitely replicated in the lab. It is a highly renewable biomass with incredible versatility and properties including hydrophobicity, fire-retardant and biodegradability. Materials grown with fungi can be 100% organic and compostable. Fungi also operates bioremediation of the soils by ingesting heavy metals and toxic substances.

Made in Britain


Renewable. Organic. Bioremediator.

Made in Britain



Our mushroom species and substrates are UK-sourced and we produce our textile in Yorkshire with local partners

We grow most of our material with green waste from regenerative agriculture and we compost our own waste after production

We are fully open with our processes, how much energy and water we consume, as well as raw materials origin.


The founders


Aurélie Fontan

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Paris born, fashion designer Aurélie Fontan studied symbiotic fashion at the Royal College of Art with a strong focus on biodesign and circular systems. While pioneering bio-fabrication in the fashion industry, Aurélie has integrated Kombucha, slime mould, mycelium and other living systems to circular processes as part of her eponymous award-winning Couture Studio.


Ashley Granter

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Ashley is a product designer and myco-material specialist, the process of growing materials using fungi. Consulting for clients in the biodesign industry, he has explored furniture, decoration and homeware. His work includes art pieces as well as more industrial processes applied to myco-materials.

We were awarded 

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Innovation RCA Patent Program & Incubator 2020
London Mayor Entrepreneur Award 2020
Future Fashion Factory PoC 2020
Innovate UK Fund 2020
Open Cell Design Residency 2019



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