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aurélie fontan

 Paris born, fashion designer Aurélie Fontan graduated from the Edinburgh College of Art with a strong focus on biodesign and circular design for fashion and textiles. While collaborating with  the ASCUS Lab in Edinburgh, she obtained the Vivienne Westwood Sustainable Award as well as Best Womenswear for the first bio-fabricated dress presented at GFW.

While pioneering biodesign in the fashion industry, Aurélie has integrated Kombucha, slime mould, mycelium and other living systems to circular processes as part of her ongoing research for a more sustainable design field.

fashion designer I founder

ashley granter

 Growing up in Yorkshire, Ashley’s interest for outdoors led him to pursuing product design at Sheffield Hallam University. 

Since obtaining his degree, Ashley’s design has become driven by nature, and he now specialises in the process of growing materials using fungi with his design studio Natura.


Consulting for many clients of the biodesign industry, he has explored mycelium in many ways including furniture, decoration and homeware. His work includes art and design pieces as well as more industrial processes applied to myco-materials.

product designer I founder

eve barro

  After growing up along the river Loire in the west of France, Eve started her Biotechnology Bsc at Imperial College London in 2018. With strong interests in art, cell biology and sustainability, she quickly started to conduct independent projects on biomimicry and synthetic biology integrated design practices which led to her to join Mykkö’s team as a biotechnology advisor.

biotech advisor